By Mac Guerreiro The world has felt kinder,The breath has felt easier to inhale,The words have fallen with more levity,Today it all feels heavy,My body,My mind,My heart,The tears seem to be the only ones,That find effortlessness,As they edge the corners of my eyes,Some well over,Others retreat,All with ease,Eye envy them with a fire,For eye would …


By Mac Guerreiro Stand still and clench your jaw till it hurts,Stand still because you don’t have words,The words you have will only detonate,The words you have will only push him away,Stand still and crawl out of your skin,Stand still because you’re scared of losing,Losing it all,Losing him,He says impossible but damn don’t you wanna …

With You

By Mac Guerreiro Eye thought eye’d have to wait, Eye would be forty before ever getting to look into your eyes, Eye’m glad eye was wrong, So grateful we didn’t need to wait this long, Because one thing eye know to be true, This journey feels much more exhilarating with you.

My Own

By Mac Guerreiro Forever attempting to try what works for others rather than discover what works for me, What’s so scary about seeking discovery? Maybe the uncertainty, But Eye’m certain of this, What works for others is rarely something eye can replicate, Much less successfully, Back to trial and error, Breathing through the terror, The …

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