With You

By Mac Guerreiro Eye thought eye’d have to wait, Eye would be forty before ever getting to look into your eyes, Eye’m glad eye was wrong, So grateful we didn’t need to wait this long, Because one thing eye know to be true, This journey feels much more exhilarating with you.

My Own

By Mac Guerreiro Forever attempting to try what works for others rather than discover what works for me, What’s so scary about seeking discovery? Maybe the uncertainty, But Eye’m certain of this, What works for others is rarely something eye can replicate, Much less successfully, Back to trial and error, Breathing through the terror, The …

If Not Now When?

By Mac Guerreiro Power, Eye’ve been told Eye’m full of it, Not just by those who brought me into this life, But by those whom eye’d never met, By those whom knew little of my journey, Eye’ve been told, Told by those whom see and hear what most cannot, What eye wish eye could hear …

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