Through Your Eyes

By Mac Guerreiro To see through your eyes,What a trip,Have you always seen this?This life force eye had no real idea lives inside?It’s true that from you,Eye’ve never been able to hide,But now you’re helping me see,Simply by witnessing,And how magical that is,Almost as magical as the worlds eye discover through your kiss.

Trust, Love & Us

By Mac Guerreiro There’s something about you,About us,Eye trust it with a depth eye’ve never experienced,Eye know this to be true,Because not for a moment yesterday did eye doubt you,Nor did eye doubt that we’d see it through,This is new,This security around the precious entity that is you and eye,The certainty that rocky happenings won’t …

You’re My Last

By Mac Guerreiro The way you pretend not to feel,Eye ask myself if you really think you’ll heal,Then eye’m quickly reminded,It’s none of my concern,You’ll learn,Eye won’t be the one to teach you though,That’s for the best,As far as fuckbois go,You’re my last,For eye’ve learned too,Perhaps much faster than you,Eye’ve learned that my power can’t …

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