Integral Epiphanies

By Mac Guerreiro They hit you, Usually out of the blue, Or rather, For me that’s true, Eye’ll be sitting, Conversing, Cooking, Something of the pleasurable mundane, And it smacks me right in the face, The answer eye’ve been seeking for ages, But the seeking had gotten so hard eye’d nearly forsaken it, Nearly, That’s […]


By Mac Guerreiro There used to be many of us, Eye supposed we are all still here, Merely disconnect by ignorance and fear, But not merely, Our disconnection has caused destruction, It is mirrored in the calloused way many regard the Mother, Picking her flowers and polluting her waters, Killing her young and ancient alike, […]

The Ball Python

By Mac Guerreiro “Come watch football with me” It was a command accompanied by a gentle tone and extended hand. Eye took it remembering moments in my past in which eye would have remained on the bed. Curling up into a ball, hiding away within myself. My awareness of this pattern is pretty new although […]

Making Room

by Mac Guerreiro She was always told “you’re too much.” Her feelings, her opinions, the intensity with which she appeared to do everything. Eventually as her voice became louder, a coping mechanism for being “trapped” in a small frame, the idea became “you’re too loud.” With all of this criticism towards an energy that was […]

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