Anxious Insight

By Mac Guerreiro Eye’m starting to see, Eye’m starting to see how this isn’t about me, How a trail of hurt has left you scarred, How for you this “relationship thing” is already hard, Eye’ve been feeling wronged, Because if roles were flipped forgiveness would have already been a given, Bringing you closer to me […]

Spark in the Dark

By Mac Guerreiro Eye’ve forgotten, The trouble is eye’ve forgotten what Eye’m to remember, Eye feel so far from that innocent ember, The one that glowed so fiercely long ago, And now it’s nothing but a sizzle, Struggling to stay aglow, Eye ask myself “what happened?” And tears rush forth, The trauma still too much […]

Ground 0

By Mac Guerreiro Eye wish eye could tell you eye deserved that, That my message warranted such a response, Maybe it did, Maybe writing and sending something so mean and aggressive made you feel better, Maybe in hurting me you felt validated, Eye know eye hurt you, Eye knew it when eye apologized, Eye felt […]

Proximate Distance

By Mac Guerreiro It physically hurts to sit here and feel a million miles away, My heart feels tight, As if a mighty hand won’t let it breathe, As if this hand can only squeeze, And squeeze tighter, Then never let go, That’s how it feels to be so close yet so far away from […]

Eye Got You

By Mac Guerreiro You’re safe, You’re held, Eye got you, This was a breakthrough, A coming back together of sorts, The part that is present, Embracing the part that’s been lost, A sense of safety eye never trusted myself to provide, Now feels more comfortable inside, Eye’m immensely grateful for this shift, Looking ahead to […]

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