By Mac Guerreiro It’s interesting to think that eye have this in me, This very primal and real part that needs satiation, You call her a goddess, And she is full of passion, Passion, You give me that and so much more, You take me places eye’ve never thought eye’d go or imagined going before, […]

Pleasant Surprise

By Mac Guerreiro The tears were a surprise, Eye really didn’t think eye’d cry, But hearing the words made something stir, Sure, It sounded like me, And of course eye want her to be, But it was deeper than that, It was a ringing, A knowing that on this path, We are one and the […]


By Mac Guerreiro No one’s ever made it seem so easy, Yet you do, Your love for me is as fierce as my love for you, All so familiar yet definitely new, There are no words for the feeling, Even “love” doesn’t measure up, Because what this feels like, Is unlike anything eye’ve ever touched, […]

Spark in the Dark

By Mac Guerreiro Eye’ve forgotten, The trouble is eye’ve forgotten what Eye’m to remember, Eye feel so far from that innocent ember, The one that glowed so fiercely long ago, And now it’s nothing but a sizzle, Struggling to stay aglow, Eye ask myself “what happened?” And tears rush forth, The trauma still too much […]

Ground 0

By Mac Guerreiro Eye wish eye could tell you eye deserved that, That my message warranted such a response, Maybe it did, Maybe writing and sending something so mean and aggressive made you feel better, Maybe in hurting me you felt validated, Eye know eye hurt you, Eye knew it when eye apologized, Eye felt […]

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