Bunny Problems

By Mac Guerreiro Not even being ahead of the game, Quells the speed coach within me, Push harder, Go faster, Push harder so you can go faster, And as fast as eye go, As hard as eye try, It’s never quite there, It never will be, She used to protect me, Her motivation comes from […]


By Mac Guerreiro Eye compare her, Eye compare her to everyone, Regardless of the fact that she’s incomparable, So are they, But eye compare them anyway, Then eye tell myself it’s not okay, Not because eye strive to be loving, But as a punishment for doing the wrong thing, Compassion isn’t even a thought, Not […]

Of an Elephant

By Mac Guerreiro Ever since eye was a child my memory has been excellent. Given that eye am paying attention, usually eye am, eye remember nearly everything. Over the course of my romantic relationships this has both been a blessing and a curse… although, more of a curse. The reason being that if he says […]

Making Room

by Mac Guerreiro She was always told “you’re too much.” Her feelings, her opinions, the intensity with which she appeared to do everything. Eventually as her voice became louder, a coping mechanism for being “trapped” in a small frame, the idea became “you’re too loud.” With all of this criticism towards an energy that was […]

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