By Mac Guerreiro What does progress look like?Like choosing differently,Standing still,Where you would have stirred before,Progress looks like finally seeing an open door,It can look like shifting your gaze,Seeing things in a different way,But one thing is certain,It seldom looks the same.

My Own

By Mac Guerreiro Forever attempting to try what works for others rather than discover what works for me, What’s so scary about seeking discovery? Maybe the uncertainty, But Eye’m certain of this, What works for others is rarely something eye can replicate, Much less successfully, Back to trial and error, Breathing through the terror, The …

Integral Epiphanies

By Mac Guerreiro They hit you, Usually out of the blue, Or rather, For me that’s true, Eye’ll be sitting, Conversing, Cooking, Something of the pleasurable mundane, And it smacks me right in the face, The answer eye’ve been seeking for ages, But the seeking had gotten so hard eye’d nearly forsaken it, Nearly, That’s …

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