By Mac Guerreiro There used to be many of us, Eye supposed we are all still here, Merely disconnect by ignorance and fear, But not merely, Our disconnection has caused destruction, It is mirrored in the calloused way many regard the Mother, Picking her flowers and polluting her waters, Killing her young and ancient alike, […]

Toxic or Out of Alignment?

By Mac Guerreiro In a world where things have been out of alignment for so long, especially where the masculine and feminine energies are concerned, it’s easy to try to push the pendulum to the opposite end. Meaning, after being depreciated and controlled by a fearful masculine it’s no wonder the feminine is rising up […]

Feminism vs Biology?

By Mac Guerreiro Eye’ve always been one to take action, go for the things eye want. This has also translated in the way eye approach the opposite sex. Never being what one would classify as a “shy” girl eye didn’t see the big deal in letting a man know that eye’m interested. In fact, when […]

She’s Here

by Mac Guerreiro There’s something about the way she moves,Not just her gait or the way her eyes scan the room,It’s everything,Every little movement alerts you,Her nonchalance accompanied by a great attention to detail,The way her lips part when she smiles,The way she makes you look back because you don’t want to miss a beat,There’s […]

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