Through Your Eyes

By Mac Guerreiro To see through your eyes,What a trip,Have you always seen this?This life force eye had no real idea lives inside?It’s true that from you,Eye’ve never been able to hide,But now you’re helping me see,Simply by witnessing,And how magical that is,Almost as magical as the worlds eye discover through your kiss.

All At Once

By Mac Guerreiro Eye’m scared to write about you,Because eye know you’ll read every word,You’ll know exactly how eye feel,Because my writing can’t lie,But neither do my eyes,And into those you tend to take deep dives,Eye often wonder what you see,Do you see the hidden parts?The ones that have been deeply scarred?Do you see the …

Pawn to Queen

By Mac Guerreiro “Where attention goes, energy flows,”That saying has been running through my mind lately,It’s time eye get real about how eye feel,What eye truly want,They say “you like what you like,”But eye know it’s more simple than that,We love what we reject,We’re drawn to it,It pulls us closer in order to be discovered,Uncovered,Recovered,But …

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