By Mac Guerreiro There used to be many of us, Eye supposed we are all still here, Merely disconnect by ignorance and fear, But not merely, Our disconnection has caused destruction, It is mirrored in the calloused way many regard the Mother, Picking her flowers and polluting her waters, Killing her young and ancient alike, […]

The Middle?

By Mac Guerreiro Eye have always had a hard time with balance; swinging from one extreme to the other is a constant. Lately, eye’ve been contemplating how eye can find a middle ground, or in the least, the closest to middle that eye’ve ever been. Today in yoga, an answer came through. Seems silly that […]

Tightrope Swimmer

By Mac Guerreiro Sweet with a salted rim,Tender with a touch of tough,Softness with an edge,She walks the line,Her balance considered sublime.To those whom approach ill-intentioned,There’s a clear warning sign,“Deep divers only,Venture at your own risk,”Most shy away from this,For they’ve yet to explore their own depths,Their darkness still hidden in the uncharted grounds of […]

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