By Mac Guerreiro The world has felt kinder,The breath has felt easier to inhale,The words have fallen with more levity,Today it all feels heavy,My body,My mind,My heart,The tears seem to be the only ones,That find effortlessness,As they edge the corners of my eyes,Some well over,Others retreat,All with ease,Eye envy them with a fire,For eye would …

The Journey of Anahata

By Mac Guerreiro Eye thought my throat was blocked,My indigo center cut off,Eye thought,It was to my surprise that my throat is fine,She’s a light,Guiding my heart towards her,For my heart is the one,Stuck listening to the same drum,An old song,That sings of betrayal,Of danger,Of loss,She holds on to all of the costs,The injuries suffered,Created …


By Mac Guerreiro Eye resist the urge to look them up,Why look to what eye could never be?Just when Eye’m getting comfortable,Comfortable being me,Naturally,“Foolish girl”Foolish indeed,Thinking you can escape the chains of this society,Its mentality,It’s rules,And boundaries,Foolish indeed to resist,Now it feels impossible to persist.


By Mac Guerreiro Sometimes this all feels temporary yet more temporary than most things,Sometimes it feels like borrowed time,Sweet, sweet time it is yet borrowed nonetheless,Voices shyly whisper in the depths, reminding me of my fears,Their whispers let me know Eye’m not here,Burrowed in my head eye come up for air, yet Eye’m still neck-deep …

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