By Mac Guerreiro Self-sabotage. For a time now eye’ve struggled with the concept. You see, eye’ve compiled much evidence derived from my own personal growth journey and that of others that suggests there is no such thing when it comes down to it, because every bit of one’s being only does what they believe will […]

Eye Might

By Mac Guerreiro Eye haven’y smoked today, cannabis. That’s new, even though eye’ve been actively saying eye’ll stop. This is the closest to addiction that eye’ve gotten although my issues with food felt very similar. There’s a place close to me that’s open till 2AM, and eye still may go there, but right now eye’m […]

An Act of Femininity

By Mac Guerreiro Ever since eye was in middle school, makeup is something eye’ve played with. In all honesty, even before that eye had a deep appreciation for it as well as the art of hair styling due to my nine years of dancing, love for dressing up and ample opportunities to be a flower […]

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