By Mac Guerreiro Eye can’t stop,The tears,The sobs,None of it,My head hurts,My heart too,Eye don’t know what to do,Eye wish it would stop,The pain,The hollow feeling,The projector in my brain,Eye bet she loved having you,Taking you away from me,Eye bet she felt like a real queen,Not that eye blame her,Eye wish it would stop,The darkness …


By Mac Guerreiro What was eye supposed to say?No,Don’t,Please head my way?Eye didn’t feel that was okay,But when eye thought of a delay,Eye didn’t anticipate two hours plus,And normally eye wouldn’t care,But eye really wanted you here,To hold and rub me like you said,Eye don’t have words,Just shitty thoughts inside my head.


By Mac Guerreiro Everything is fine,So why do eye feel hollow inside?It hurts,And sleep feels a lifetime away,Eye was looking forward to ending this day,No such luck,Maybe enough encouragement and my eyes will shut,Maybe if tears flow the heaviness will wain,How can an empty hole hold so much pain?


By Mac Guerreiro Eye know you didn’t say it for me,That you were just expressing,In a perfect world,If eye were a perfect girl,Eye wouldn’t be phased,Eye’d recognize how eye can only grow at my own pace,And that fucking up is okay,But eye don’t live in that reality,The one eye live in is more shaky,Eye’m working …


By Mac Guerreiro It was brief and meaningful,Our nighttime encounters often are,And as eye ran towards her,Eye was faced with the first time,Another life,Eons ago,One eye feel daily yet may never know,She cleansed my vessel,And sent me on my way,My soul and body reunited once again.


By Mac Guerreiro And there we were,The two of us united,Enacting the “Endgame Plan,”Hearing our other team members “assemble,”Forgetting their sibling rivalries,And workin together to “defeat,”Their common enemy,You and me,The moment hit my heart,A real possibility,Sometimes eye think on it,You’re wanting to do this,And the feelings are overwhelming,Because eye’ve always known the truth,That eye’ve been …

Hard Learning

By Mac Guerreiro Eye should have known better,Eye can honor that,Eye supposed eye just didn’t expect it,For your limited views of something to obscure your knowledge of me,The years of friendship,Of growing,Of learning,Of being ourselves unapologetically,It’s clear now,Because you felt the need to clarify,As if who eye am wasn’t enough,Enough to let you know that …

Shut Off

By Mac Guerreiro The dead plants have become a fixture,The boxes too,And now add the clothes and the dishes,They won’t get done,Not tonight,Eye’ve barely enough energy to set myself right,As right as eye’ll get,We’ll see how much that is,Eye’d like to think eye’ll do it all,The repotting,The washing,The throwing away,But knowing me eye won’t have …

3 AM

By Mac Guerreiro My jaw is tight,Eye look around and you’re gone,We didn’t mean to fall asleep for one,For two,It felt good,But then you leave and it’s just me and anxiety,About the mess that’s everywhere,The dishes that aren’t done,The water that needs to be run,But doing it now isn’t going to solve anything,Eye’ll be anxiety …

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