By Mac Guerreiro The legends are told,Time and time again till they’re old,And as they age pieces begin to fade,Key pieces,The ones that make sense of the whole,Without them the stories don’t hold,Not properly,Incompletely,And the gaps widen with time,Until someone finally decides to set it right.


By Mac Guerreiro Eye really wanted you you tonight,Want,Eye really want you,Your lips on my face,Your ravenous embrace,Eye long to feel the way your biceps curl,Around me,Your hands pulling me closer,You’re my home,And tonight eye feel denied,Eye know it isn’t like that,Please believe that eye know,It doesn’t make this feeling any less so.


By Mac Guerreiro It’s not huge,Can’t quite call it a rhythm,But it’s the closest eye’ve gotten,Finally finding a system,Something that works for me,My own caldron,With all of my dreams,A small basket for the day to day,It genuinely feels as if Eye’m finding my way.


By Mac Guerreiro It feels that every time the stitches begin to set,One comes loose,Threatening to reopen the wound entirely,Eye don’t know how to not fret,Eye don’t know how to not expect the worst,Eye don’t know how because of the very first,And every one after that,Eye wish eye could be better for you,More healed,More aware,More.

An Investment

By Mac Guerreiro That’s how eye’d like to see it,The action it takes,To go where Eye’m headed,A place in which eye am at cause,Deriving my abundance,Through my talents and skills,As opposed to through someone else,An investment,In time and energy,But towards things eye truly enjoy doing,Finding that joy again,Is my greatest mission,Learning to enjoy this journey […]

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