An Opening

by Mac Guerreiro

Love me till the world stops,
Till the shoe drops,
Till all the lights fade,
And once they have,
Love me harder,
Keep me in your embrace,
My shell so brilliantly tough,
Concealing a heart that feels too much,
Is softening by the day,
For the right callers,
Are eventually shown the way.

Head-On Collision

by Mac Guerreiro

No flower blooms year-round,
Yet eye must,
No seeds grow without sun,
Yet that's my expectation,
How is my dearest companion,
Also my most fierce foe?
How deep does the self-hatred go?
For all the times eye fall short to a too-long rope,
When will eye finally decide,
To tighten this tightrope.

Dear Hookup Culture

By Mac Guerreiro

Dear hookup culture,
Eye don't get you,
The meaningless touches only leave me blue,
Perhaps because it's not a game to me,
Sex is nothing without intimacy,
The ultimate act of creation just fucked with recklessly,
On the flipside,
To partake is a choice,
And the peer pressure ins great,
Amidst all the fuckbois,
You find a man every now and again,
Someone looking to really connect,
Such a rare specimen is what eye desire,
And so eye say goodbye to you,
And hello to my fire.
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