The Journey is The Goal

By Mac Guerreiro

How cliche,

How true,

How simple yet complicated too,

To be weighted,

Each new discovery more pounds to add on,

All because of focus gone wrong,

Disillusioned by an ending that may never come,

How to get to the opposite frequency,

In which each layer becomes a blessing,

In which the invisible end matters not,

In which this valuable,

Difficult lesson is finally taught.


By Mac Guerreiro

She remembers all,

Even what she’s never seen,

Passed from generations of Mothers before,

Pathways to walk,

The brushes they graze,

She knows all the ways,

Such incredible beasts,

Treated so poorly,

By humans whom don’t understand,

Men whom don’t take care of their own,

How could they know,

The depth of an elephant’s heart,

Most humans wouldn’t even know where to start.

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