By Mac Guerreiro “I want your midnights,”“Please don’t ever become a stranger who’s laugh I could recognize anywhere”-Taylor SwiftLyrics that speak my soul,That speak to my fears,To my deepest desires,Eye don’t know how,But eye think eye know when,It’s human development,Bend or break,We continue to bend,Closer to each other every time,You and eye,The triggers are still …


By Mac Guerreiro Eye’m so sad today,There are no other words,Even now eye am my own worst judge,Even now that eye understand,How never knowing safety formed the land,My heart,My mind,My nervous system,All operating as victims,Eye know it it,Eye see it,Eye work at it day by day,Sometimes it just feels overwhelming,Most times,Actually.


By Mac Guerreiro Eye’ve never been great at receiving,At opening my lane on that two-way street,Receiving love especially,Eye’ve always felt as if my feelings weren’t real,Because that’s what those outside of me said,Eye internalized that,Deeper than eye care to share,So eye get lost in my own head,Unable to let you in,Even when you’re waiting at …


By Mac Guerreiro “Why do eye have to break what eye love so much?”That lyric plays over and over,Because you’re right,Eye’ve been pushing and pushing,Towards a self-fulfilling prophecy,Determined to be too much,Till everything proves eye am,Till he’s reduced to sand,Today eye was faced with it,The valid question,“Do eye want to inflict suffering?”Parts of me answered …


By Mac Guerreiro Eye can’t stop,The tears,The sobs,None of it,My head hurts,My heart too,Eye don’t know what to do,Eye wish it would stop,The pain,The hollow feeling,The projector in my brain,Eye bet she loved having you,Taking you away from me,Eye bet she felt like a real queen,Not that eye blame her,Eye wish it would stop,The darkness …


By Mac Guerreiro What was eye supposed to say?No,Don’t,Please head my way?Eye didn’t feel that was okay,But when eye thought of a delay,Eye didn’t anticipate two hours plus,And normally eye wouldn’t care,But eye really wanted you here,To hold and rub me like you said,Eye don’t have words,Just shitty thoughts inside my head.

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