By Mac Guerreiro Eye am calling,Do you hear me?Eye am calling,Through my waters,My skies,In the birds’ cries,Eye call to You,To sniff every flower,To enjoy every one of my showers,Be it warm in your home,Or standing on my ground,Eye call you to breathe in every sound,Every sight,Both mine and what’s projected in your mind’s eye,Feel every …


By Mac Guerreiro Stand still and clench your jaw till it hurts,Stand still because you don’t have words,The words you have will only detonate,The words you have will only push him away,Stand still and crawl out of your skin,Stand still because you’re scared of losing,Losing it all,Losing him,He says impossible but damn don’t you wanna …


By Mac Guerreiro A dis-ease,A sneaky one too,It hides,Sometimes for so long,Till it rears again,And you’re left wondering if you ever healed at all,Funny how it’s named,When it’s not about that,Not one bit,How am eye back in the heat of it?

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