Rain Drops

By Mac Guerreiro

My tears fell as the rain began,

That’s never happened before,

To cry with the sky,

To let my tears fall at the same instant as the raindrops,

It felt symbolic,

Because in that moment eye wanted nothing but to cry as much as the sky,

Eye wanted to drain the dread from my system,

Yet only a few drops obliged,

The others held tight,

Too afraid to let go,

Too afraid to admit that the fear felt was real.

Published by Mystical Mac

Born in Brazil and raised in California eye am an artist better identified as a conscious creator and intuitive healer. My gift for storytelling in various forms as well as my keen perception into the metaphysical allows me to share my perspective in ways that eye hope are of help and use to those around me. Thank you for reading, listening and watching; it means the world to me.

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