The Queen of Procrastination

By Mac Guerreiro

As eye sit here on the miniature couch in my living room with “Shameless” paused on the TV eye contemplate how eye often betray myself in the most covert way. Eye’m speaking about procrastination. Now, it’s important to note that eye’ve been a procrastinator for as long as eye can remember. Eye was that kid that waited until the very last minute to compete a project and when eye finally did it would be as the sun came up the day that said project was due. Now, as an adult, that manifests in other ways. For example: eye lay on the couch watching Shameless when eye could be setting up for the podcast, eye put off doing laundry until eye run out of underwear (eye have A LOT of underwear, and even more clothes 😅). Those are just a couple of ways, and granted the first one is largely dependent on other variables, but that’s a topic for another blog. All in all Eye’m here, Eye’m writing. Thanks for reading.

Published by Mystical Mac

Born in Brazil and raised in California eye am an artist better identified as a conscious creator and intuitive healer. My gift for storytelling in various forms as well as my keen perception into the metaphysical allows me to share my perspective in ways that eye hope are of help and use to those around me. Thank you for reading, listening and watching; it means the world to me.

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