You’re My Last

By Mac Guerreiro

The way you pretend not to feel,
Eye ask myself if you really think you’ll heal,
Then eye’m quickly reminded,
It’s none of my concern,
You’ll learn,
Eye won’t be the one to teach you though,
That’s for the best,
As far as fuckbois go,
You’re my last,
For eye’ve learned too,
Perhaps much faster than you,
Eye’ve learned that my power can’t be taken,
How every boundary set and kept makes me braver,
How my far-reaching energy can’t be contained,
How my serpentine essence won’t be tamed,
Muted maybe,
But through my choices only,
All outer influences aside,
Letting my inner voice guide,
So watch me,
Check what you helped unleash,
The raw power surging beneath,
Watch the Phoenix rise,
The breaking open of the butterfly,
And every time you think of me,
Have no doubt that you’re swiftly fading from my memory,
But don’t worry,
The lessons remain,
And to the fuckbois out there eye say,
Never again will eye be played.

Published by Mystical Mac

Born in Brazil and raised in California eye am an artist better identified as a conscious creator and intuitive healer. My gift for storytelling in various forms as well as my keen perception into the metaphysical allows me to share my perspective in ways that eye hope are of help and use to those around me. Thank you for reading, listening and watching; it means the world to me.

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