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Card Readings

Eye have been reading Tarot for the past five years. Fascinated by the deep energy rooted in these cards eye embarked on a journey of growth and learning. Intending on giving practical guidance and helping foster a deep understanding for your current situation, the Tarot deck is my tool of choice. Also having explored and learned the healing art of Reiki eye offer the option of a healing to close the tarot reading. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙏🏼

My readings range from $55-$88 depending on specific needs and if a Reiki healing is desired. Email me to find what works for you.

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Poetry & YouTube

In addition to cultivating my intuition one of my greatest passions in this life is creating. Lately, poetry has really been there for me in terms of a tool of expression and emotional release. Find my poetry on the Blog Page and find me on YouTube for some song covers, dance and more.

Mystical Mac Podcast

My podcast is a place where eye can fully let my inner authority speak. Eye often reflect on current events and lessons in my life while occasionally receiving incredible ‘downloads’ regarding my life and major growth moments. New episodes every Monday.

Social Media

Instagram: @macguerreiro
Tik Tok: @macguerreiro

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