*Stay mystical & stay grounded*

Card Readings

The tarot has been my tool of choice when it comes to channeling divine guidance for nearly a decade now. It’s helped me gain clarity and deeper insight into situations in my life. Eye can facilitate the same for you. Click the link below to book a Zoom reading.

Each reading is by donation and is 30 minutes long.

To book: https://calendly.com/mysticalmac/tarotreading

Poetry & YouTube

Find my poetry on the Blog Page and find me on YouTube for commentary and reactions on shows and movies as well as video recordings of my personal podcast episodes.

Mystical Mac Podcast

My podcast is a place where eye can fully let my inner authority speak. Eye often reflect on current events and lessons in my life while occasionally receiving incredible ‘downloads’ regarding my life and major growth moments. New episodes every Monday.

Social Media

Instagram: @embodyingmysticalmac
YouTube: Embodying Mystical Mac

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